Tuesday, 17 June 2014

When is a deal, no longer a deal?

Once again I ventured into the stores when I should have stayed at home!  But nothing feels quite as good as a deal when you're talking home decorating, or any other shopping for that matter!

First I found these two cute bolsters for my beige Adirondack chairs!  They are a deep turquoise and have a lattice like beige and white design.  A little different than I might normally pick, but what the heck? It will be a little "pop" in my somewhat browny beige backyard.

Next it was off to my local Habitat for Humanity Restore outlet.  First, right inside the door, I found this sweet baby...

What is it you say?  Well...my first thought was that it was a chicken feeder.  It's galvanised tin and looks pretty "eclectic" and I like it! And I liked the price...$5.00! Whaaat you say?  Oh I said it...$5.00!  Well a little more investigation and I found out that it is actually a chicken waterer...is that right? Waterer? Well it is used to hold water for the chickens:)  So I was pretty close..but no cigar.  After perusing the aisles a little bit to see if there is anything else I liked I came across a few windows and doors that I liked for future projects,
and then I came to the lighting aisle.  What's that you say?  How many lights can such a small home actually use?  I know...and I told myself that...over and over again, but I just didn't listen..again.

They had Hampton Bay fixtures at the Restore that match my chandelier in my bedroom, but the burnished brown..not the white that I have. Now I know what you're thinking..they aren't the right colour.  Well I thought about that..and you know you can paint pretty much anything...but I'm really not sure where I would put them first of all, and secondly...I may just give them away if someone could use them and I can't.  But that's a decision I'll make later.  Now back to the deal.  Hampton Bay Heritage Wall Sconce..$20.00. Well you know what happened next.  Correct! I had to buy two...just in case there was some place that I found to hang them and I actually needed a pair.  But I wasn't done yet.  A Hampton Bay Chandelier $20.00.  Again...no where to put it....yet.  But maybe a little girls room..or a bathroom...who knows?
So again I ask "When is a deal not a deal?" If you don't need it?  I just can't accept that.  I was shopping like it was my job!  Ahhh, a girl can dream can't she?

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