Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring is Here...

A Shelfie...
I've been wanting to update this shelf ever since I starting updating my living room with gray grey (what? gray...grey..) accents. Hopefully the glass and ornaments will pop a little more with the darker colour.  I've always loved the green that I have on these walls, and although I still love it, I think ten years means it's time for a change. Who am I kidding? It took me months to paint the back of the shelf...who knows when the walls will get done? It will take me months to pick a colour!
Dining Room Windows
Window Dressing

Living in the city means that privacy is at a premium.  Two years ago my tree in the back yard fell down and exposed me to seventeen...count em...seventeen windows overlooking my yard! More about the back yard later...

I always seem to keep my dining room shades closed because the windows overlook not only my neighbours driveway, but is lined up exactly across from their dining room window! As you can see, the windows are a pretty large size, so it really does feel like a bit of a stage when they are wide open. 

That all changed when I happened up a blog called Seventh House on the Left Ashley not only had a great tutorial for covering your windows, but she also put a template up on her site for everyone to download and use.  She and her husband have a great blog and I encourage everyone to stop by and see all of the wonderful projects they have undertaken.
Back door Update
 Next...the back door
First I did the dining room, and I really love it!  It sure isn't perfect, but it has made such a difference in the whole room now that I am willing to open the blinds!
I had put a full piece of window film on my backdoor a couple of years ago, but I had banged into it with a box and scratched the surface which made it look a little awful, but since doing the dining room windows, I was up for the challenge. I pulled off the film and started anew!
I used the same template, why mess with something that works, and voila! The back door has an updated look for the summer of 2014!
Now if I could just do something about the yard!