Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Warrior

Do you ever planned all of your projects for the weekend and then you're faced...with the weekend?  I'm a planner, or as I like to call me..a thinker.  I can think a weekend right away if I let myself. But this weekend I'm hoping to get a few projects started...and maybe even surprise myself by finishing one or two of them.
First on the agenda: My fireplace. I love having a fireplace, but I'm not crazy about the brick colour. It seems to be too dark for the room. I am looking for something of a cottage feel..a little shabby chic..but then it is what should I do with it?
There is the option of trimming out the fireplace with a wooden facade..and then I could paint it or antique it. Then there is the option of paint. I thought that might be an option, but I'm just not sure that I would like that solid paint look. Then I came across the blog..Beneath My Heart... Traci and her husband built an addition on their home and left the exterior brick an interior brick. Feeling it was too orange, the decided to whitewash the brick. I loved the look! But can I duplicate it? I've decided to try and do just that! I just have to gather up the nerve to actually do that!!!! What do you think?

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