Thursday, 15 August 2013 rock!!

I think I have developed the gene my two boys have inherited from their Dad....the car gene.  Does not matter what they add to their cars...price seems to be no option..but when it comes to spending money on the house...they do it...but they do it a little more grudgingly. Well I have now become a member of their club....and I love it!
I was convinced by my oldest that a new car was the way to go...and boy was he right.  I LOVE my new car!  I purchased a 2013 Yaris 4 door hatchback.  I told myself not to have too many expectations for this basic little car...but boy was I surprised.
My sweet little ride has been great from the get go.  It feels so big inside and I love the ride.  Not sure how it's going to be in the winter...but I'll deal with it.
Thank you so much to both my wonderful sons who support me no matter what I, love, love them.

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