Friday, 2 August 2013

Road Trip..

Today I took a much anticipated day off to try and catch up with some work around the house and just kind of recharge. Well the nicest of things happened. My friend Steph offered to take me on a tour of the wine country area we are so lucky to live in, and let me be the passenger for the day.
Well how could I turn that down?
I packed a light lunch and off we went to lose ourselves for a couple of hours on a beautiful, breezy, July day.

First stop.. Lakeshore Antiques in NOTL. I had never even heard of this place before today, but what a lot of fun we had rummaging through the store finding treasures, memories, and lots of laughs. There were two ladies manning the store and they were extremely nice and helpful. I ended up up what I call a cottage toaster..and yes, it works! They were helpful enough to plug it in for me to make sure that I would be able to use it if I so desired.

The rest of the day went by quickly, with a stop along the water for lunch, and just a general meandering throughout the rest of the afternoon. Stephanie knows how to show a girl a good time...and a good time was certainly had by me. I can't forget our stop at the candy store... Nigh's Chocolates is an unforgettable experience if you love chocolate...and lets face it...who doesn't love chocolate? Even though there was a ton of construction going on out in front of their still continued in Candyland.
So many different types of chocolate to choose from...and yet..I still was able to make my choice. Chocolate covered black licorice (a personal favourite of mine) and a mix with hot peppers which turned out to be divine. Of course I can't make a habit of stopping there regularly...but you can! It's a great little something for the person who has everything. I got my sister a wine glass cover..."I like my men like I like my" hope that applies to her husband as I gotten pretty used to having him around!

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