Friday, 2 August 2013

Oh I love a rainy night...

Well you got that right!...I'm sitting out on my porch at 10:25 at night on a Friday in July and life couldn't be better.  It's a cool, light rain and the inner city traffic is the background music for the evening while I sit and sip my Forty Creek Whiskey. This is the life.
I spent the day waiting patiently for the phone call that never came, to tell me that they had found my new car. This is not just any new car, this is my first new car! I guess there is a first time for everything:)
My dear old Mazda Protege has seen me through many a year..but at the ripe ole age of 14 she has seen better days. I realize it is just a matter of time before she gives up the ghost and leaves me stranded, once again, on the side of the highway on my way to work.
My oldest son convinced me that it was time to bite the bullet and buy a new car. Since he works at Toyota, and consistently they are offering up a pretty good no interest deal right now, that the time was right to get me into a brand spanking new vehicle. I have to admit that I am pretty excited at the prospect.
The car? A 2013 Toyota Yaris. I know what you're thinking...Yaris? But it's a sweet little ride and I can't wait till it's mine. My Mazda? Well she's done a great job the last few years getting me from a to b...usually...but it's time for a new kid on the block.  This one I hope will take me to retirement and beyond!!!! Although my colour choice was limited (three colours...WTF?) I hope that my first, first choice, will be able to be located.  I don't know what I'll do if the only car available is silver. No offence to my old Mazda...but more silver!!!! I wait with bated breath for my dark grey Yaris to appear.
Stay tuned....

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